About Digital Defensive Driving

About Digital Defensive Driving

Save Money on Your Auto Insurance and Qualify for Point Reduction

We provide Defensive Driving Classes conducted regularly throughout Hudson Valley, New York. We also partner with small businesses or large corporations. So Contact us for in-house or on-site training of your employees.

Paul L. Odendahl & Associates is our Point Reduction Certified Driving Instructor.

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Delivery Agents:

Paul L. Odendahl & Associates


  • George R. Haas 
  • Nate Spence
  • Peter Schmidt
  • Peter Khan
  • Alan Schlesinger
  • Georgia Porter
  • Keith Coles
  • Marie Vega-Bryne
  • James C. Sullivan
  • Nural Haque
  • Laura A. Gonzales - English/Spanish/ Instructor
  • Helen Rivera - English/Spanish/ Instructor
  • Darryl Graham
  • Benjamin Thomas
  • Debra Mann
  • James Ascione
  • Georgianna (Chip) Watson
  • Tricia Perez